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Echo girls is a photograph proyect based on a selection of international women who believes and lives as ECHO77 spirit, working in interesting cultural projects around the world.

We travel around different cities, meeting the talented women through the view of one of them, being our guide project, a photographer, who visit the work space and intimate world of each one transporting us to their unic univers.

We are looking to make an artistic community to promote with our brand the talent of all the creative women around the world.

We believe in the power of the union, of people who believe in art, in love and freedom.


Collaborating photographers

Kristin Linney. LA. USA  @whataboutphoenix

Nadia Razak. Bali. Indonesia  @dorayamin

Alba Ricart. Barcelona. Spain  @albaricart




Independent Photographer. LA. California

Kristin is originally from San Francisco and currently based in Los Angeles. She is a photographer focused on analog photography.
Her work is intimate and feminine, portraying a romantic America through landscapes and portraits of today's society.


-How would you define yourself?

I would say I am a very passionate and strong-willed person.


-What influence does fashion have on your day-to-day or work?

Honestly not much influence day-to-day. I tend to stick to a “uniform” look so that I don’t have to think too much about my clothes but when I’m working on a photo project the wardrobe comes out and I get creative. 

-How would you define this new era for women and how can we see it reflected in your work?

I see freedom expanding and more support for women; even though the government is trying to take away more women’s rights we are also standing up and fighting back more than ever. I feel like women have more of a voice now than they ever have before; globally we still have a very long way to go. I take a lot of portraits of women and I try to portray their depth and emotion, showcasing individual strengths and also weaknesses. I think it’s important to honor as well as document the ups, downs, and in-betweens. I like to show how beautiful it can be when we feel overwhelmed or sad, as well as when we are feeling strong, happy, or powerful. 


-What is a free woman for you? How do you express your freedom by dressing?

A free woman would mean never having to feel badly about or apologize for what you were born with. I express my freedom by dressing without a bra and choosing comfort first. 


-What wakes up in you when you wear a ECHO77 garment?

I feel cozy and comfortable in my ECHO77 knit pants, they have a classic feel and are like a cozy sweater for my legs. It looks good because it feels good. 

Photography; Kristin Linney  @whataboutphoenix



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