#echo77girls: Gina Ross

GINA ROSS @missginaross

Herbalist. LA. California

Gina is an herbalist and green witch who is moved by the power and tradition of plant medicine to co-create healing. Out in the garden or in the apothecary, the flowers, leaves, and trees continue to teach and unfold as we build a relationship with them. Gina very much believes that the healing and regeneration of Earth- the soil, biodiversity, and our waters is inextricably linked with the healing of our human species. 

Gina's current herbal obsessions: sage- all kinds, but specifically Artemesia tridentata and Salvia clevelandii, roses, shiitake mushrooms, and Tulsi basil- she's the adaptogen queen and at the center of Gina's medicinal garden. 





Photography; Kristine Linney  @whataboutphoenix







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