Echo 77 is the personal project of fashion designer and art director Carolina Diez-Cascón, who after her experience with designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier or Jeremy Scott and companies such as Zara Woman, creates Echo 77 in response to the need for globalized fashion to reclaim values of uniqueness, quality and tradition.


We live in an era where cultures and societies are mixing and mingling, nurturing each other, destroying each other sometimes, and that is what Echo77 reflects about. The brand is based in Bali, where it works with traditional fabrics and patterns that are redesigned and brought into the contemporary world through the handmade techniques as batik and embroidery. It is essential to keep the human value in each collection, to keep our own professions alive.


Dressing women is a privilege and a responsibility, so Echo77 aims to create garments that encourage self-confidence and freedom. That is why shapes and colors take on a very important value in each collection, to favor each woman in her particular style.




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