#echo77girls: Kristin Linney

KRISTIN LINNEY @whataboutphoenix

Independent Photographer. LA. California

Kristin is originally from San Francisco and currently based in Los Angeles. She is a photographer focused on analog photography.
Her work is intimate and feminine, portraying a romantic America through landscapes and portraits of today's society.




-How would you define yourself?

I would say I am a very passionate and strong-willed person.


-What influence does fashion have on your day-to-day or work?

Honestly not much influence day-to-day. I tend to stick to a “uniform” look so that I don’t have to think too much about my clothes but when I’m working on a photo project the wardrobe comes out and I get creative. 

-How would you define this new era for women and how can we see it reflected in your work?

I see freedom expanding and more support for women; even though the government is trying to take away more women’s rights we are also standing up and fighting back more than ever. I feel like women have more of a voice now than they ever have before; globally we still have a very long way to go. I take a lot of portraits of women and I try to portray their depth and emotion, showcasing individual strengths and also weaknesses. I think it’s important to honor as well as document the ups, downs, and in-betweens. I like to show how beautiful it can be when we feel overwhelmed or sad, as well as when we are feeling strong, happy, or powerful. 


-What is a free woman for you? How do you express your freedom by dressing?

A free woman would mean never having to feel badly about or apologize for what you were born with. I express my freedom by dressing without a bra and choosing comfort first. 


-What wakes up in you when you wear a ECHO77 garment?

I feel cozy and comfortable in my ECHO77 knit pants, they have a classic feel and are like a cozy sweater for my legs. It looks good because it feels good. 





Photography; Kristine Linney  @whataboutphoenix





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